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Mike and his family have lived in San Diego for over forty years.
Not to mention Mike's service, his Grandfather served in the U.S. Army under Patton in WWII. His Father served in the U.S. Navy for over thirty years, his service on river boats in Vietnam and as an instructor at San Diego's Naval Ocean Systems Services Command developed skills that he passed on. His Father-In Law also served on river boats in Vietnam. His Godfather served as a senior engineer for the Hubble Telescope and advanced defense programs for a major defense related contractor.

Mike first caught the travel bug when his Grandfather told the family how he trained for his war service in the deserts of California and his service to his country in the far away lands of North Africa, Italy and the Battle of the Bulge.

In the heady days of the "Tecate Bull-Run", Mexican Bullfights, Jai'Lai and Mike's a-Go-Go on Revolution Boulevard in Tjuana, Mike graduated from Marian High School, located on the border near Downtown Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Mike participated in and sponsored the first Tijuana River Valley Area Rodeo. Nuf' said for now!

Directly out of high school, Mike began his service to his country. Afterwards, Mike graduated from the KCBQ Radio Workshop once located in Santee California. He also served as a weekend Disc Jockey at the Famous '60's Vibe' 50,000 watt station, KCBQ-AM. He moved up the hill to Grossmont College in El Cajon, California. He received his Radio Degree at the same time he served in several positions at KGCR-AM, Grossmont College Radio, at the time an FCC licensed campus radio station, including serving as General Manager.

At the same time Mike stayed busy in community service and his continued interest in Radio and Telecommunications. In Ketchum Idaho, Mike was the Program Director and weekend overnight talent on KRMR, Rocky Mountain Radio, 99.9 FM. The station was also cablecast on Channel 7 Television in the ski-resort community of Sun Valley-Ketchum,  Idaho. Working with the Folk Music legend personality, Kit Neraas. Mike worked with the expanding Cox Cable on several Public Relations efforts, including the local San Diego launches of MTV (Music Television) and CNN (Cable News Network).

Later, starting in 2006, Mike started working with the San Diego ESPN Network local stations and the launch of FOX SPORTS 1 Radio Network, launched in 2014. Mike and the company continues to supply local and network radio, exclusive content unavailable anywhere else. 

Back when, in community service at the time, he served on the Marian High School Blue Ribbon Committee while he served on various City of Imperial Beach committees, including the Beachfront Development Committee and the Human Relations Committee.

Throughout the eighties, Mike Overcast served in various professional roles with business associations in San Diego county, including the Imperial Chamber of Commerce, as the Executive Manager. The Original Imperial Beach Sandcastle Committee, as the Promotion Director. The Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce, as the Executive Director and he established the "Resource Center", following the history of the Spring Valley Improvement Committee from 1912!

During Mikes tenure in the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce, the County of San Diego went to Sacramento, the capital of the State of California, the SD County Board of Supervisors had its paid lobbyist create law that ended any local area  formations of cities in the state. At the time, Mike, on behalf of the largest populated community of San Diego county, Spring Valley, was petitioning LAFCO, for the formation of city status for the community.

To this day, no city has formed in the State of California since! More later...

At the time of Mikes tenure at the Imperial Beach Chamber, Paul Clark of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce, Mary Kay Forsyth of the Coronado Chamber of Commere, the late George Webster, the director of the National City Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Chamber of Commerce of San Diego named Mike as the Chairman of the South Bay Chambers of Commerce, a position he held for many years. During this time BonitaFest Legend, Art Mays, sponsored tourism adventures to Mikes Sky Rancho and San Felipe in Baja Norte, Mexico.

Mike served the County of San Diego on the formation committee and as the By Laws Chairman for the development of the San Diego South Bay Economic Development Corporation. Mike teamed with the San Diego legend David Nuffer on several high-visibility public relations efforts for Southern California.

In 1985, Mike's racing efforts were sponsored by the amazing George Hurst.

Since 1985, he has been working with travel professionals on projects south of the border. He worked directly with Economist Milton Friedman, to establish an Office of Protocol under the International Trade Commission of San Diego. The Baja Safari Mexico Club was set up in 1986. He concluded many cross border functions, including but not limited to, tours & VIP transportation and directly assisting the Founder of the Mexican PAN Party, Sr. Clouthier, in his exploration of the San Diego area border regions.

From 1987, he is the Founder of the trade association, Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce and served as the Corporate Secretary and Executive Vice President at the same time. In 1988,while serving as the Chairman of the South Bay Chambers of Commerce Executives Committee, he helped organize the largest American Congressional delegation ever to visit San Diego. Air-Space America, Special Representative, the event, in association of the Air/Space America Air and Trade show, included Vice President G. H. W. Bush. And the only time the French Concorde visited Southern California, at San Diego's Brown Field.

In 1991, Baja Safari was chosen, along with several other Mexican companies to serve as an official "host agency" for the Republic of Mexico for the 1991 Total Eclipse of the Sun, in Baja California Sur.

From 1994, the Baja Safari Mexico Club has designed and executed many public, hands-on, science related programs.In 1995, Mike worked to produce and promote a new 'Patronato', to foster and protect the East Cape of Baja South.  As an example, in 1997-98, Baja Safari and Sr. Roberto Van Wormer Sr., forged a working association with the Scripps Institute Aquarium on the "Year of the Reef" project through public education and a Snorkle Tour of the Cabo Pulmo Reef system, in Baja California Sur.

Baja Safari sponsored the UABCS Baja Mexico Plant Symposium and the Underwater Diving programs, to further the educational offerings in Baja California Sur. We have contributed to the local scientific community, because our tour management provisions require educated and articulate guides.

The Parr Family of Los Cabos, welcomed our team into theirs during this time, educating us to the magical ways of their Southern Baja. We were granted special arrangements at Bahia Chileno and Bahia San Lucas by Buds great sons, Mitch, Mark and Matt Jr., of Baja Pioneer and former OSS Officer, Bud Parr. 

The History and Spirits of Hollywood adventure seekers, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Desi Arnaz and many more American entertainment icons now reside with our service to clients, at Baja Safari!

In 1999, the State of Baja California awarded Mike Overcast the "Amigo de Baja California Award", for his work with the Tourism Department of Baja California, Mexico.

Also from 1998, Mike and his Baja Safari Mexico Club, collaborated with the Automobile Club of Southern California in promoting travel to Baja California, Mexico. From 1999, the Club formed the first Eco-Sensitive tour company in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. We assisted the Los Cabos Hotel Association in two major events. The American Society of Travel Agents Convention in 1999 and the Western Travel Writers Association events in Los Cabos in 2000.

The CABO CLUB, a division of Baja Safari, also organized the Baja 2000 "Official Race Party" with help from Jack Daniels himself and the Cabo Wabo Cantina. We celebrated with Dan Smith's Enduro Racing Team, after they won the race and enjoyed their stay at the Hacienda Beach Resort at Lands End.

Also in 2000, Mike won the right to participate in the Mexico Visitor Card program. Mexican Immigration, approved of the Baja Safari Mexico Club, selling the Republic of Mexico official tourist cards to the American public.

He has participated in many Television and Film shoots in Baja California and Baja Sur.
As an example, he was the Executive Location Producer behind the E! Entertainment program,
"Wild On Baja". Baja Safari is the only company that E! Entertainment has ever allowed to own and use a 'broadcast copy' of a "Wild On" program, because of the success of the show.

From 2002, he focused Club efforts on safety issues. Being a member of the San Diego County Emergency Medical Services Committee, as the Mexico Represenative. The American Consulate in Tijuana now has a full-time duty officer, serving the needs of Americans travelling in Baja, for emergency services, because of his work. Security Services now serve as our primary business for travellers in Mexico.

Mike served as a negotiating conduit between the State of Baja California and County of San Diego, developing improved Cross-Border Medical Emergency Protocols, during this time. Mike is now an active volunteer for American Medical Emergency Xpedition (AMEX).

From 2004, the Baja Safari Mexico Club enhanced its promotions of the surfing and offroad communities. Beyond the crazy surf and off-road stereotypes, deserved or not, Baja Safari sponsored more people and events than any other Baja Company. In 2004, the club hosted the infamous 'Viewing Party' at the Baja Safari Ranch in north county San Diego, of the unreleased, off-road, now, classic, "Dust To Glory". Baja Safari also sponsored the "Dust To Glory" Hollywood Sunset Boulevard Red Carpet premiere party and the theatrical opening in San Diego.

The Mexico Club are longtime supporters of the "Wind an Sea" Surf Club, Southern California 4x4 Club and many other Surf and offroad competitions. In 2005, the CABO 500 offroad race, founded by the Baja Safari Mexico Club, invited American racers to southern Baja for the first time. Offroad racing has been an institution for over 50 years in Baja Sur, but never with North Americans.

Since 2005, Baja Safari has sponsored broadband based telecommunications, 'Internet' and network broadcast based sports and travel promotions. The longest running shows in the genre, Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE! and OFF-ROAD LIVE! still air on a regular basis.

In the Dos Mares CABO 500, also started in 2005, we teamed with a local Baja auto club, the state off-road association and the Mexican National Federation of off road racing.

Our racers were sponsored by the Incredible Hotel California and our guests continue to be transformed by their experiences in Todos Santos with Author & Executive Chef Dany, Debbie and Alejandro Blanco and his family. We'll never forget walking through the 'for sale' building that the hotel now occupies, before it was transmuted by its then, new owner, John. Our original host John Stewart and his hospitality, will forever stay in our hearts!

In 2006, the first American racer won a southern Baja offroad race at the first CABO 500, which ran from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas. Danny Anderson of Las Vegas, in a Class 1 Jimco, smoked the rest of the field, with over an hour lead. The first international off-road race held in Baja, Mexico, won by an American.  Danny was awarded the "King Of Cabo" Trophy, the annual trophy to the winner of each years CABO 500. The event was a National Mexican Championship event in 2006.

Cabo Safari Resort welcomed Off-Road vehicle and product dealers from around North America, Japan and Europe throughout this time frame, after offering and delivering the most aggressive sales producer incentive program, ever provided the industry.

Mike served as one of the Start Line tire workers with "Radio Bob" for, BF Goodrich Tires, the sanctioning bodies tire sponsor at the 2006 Baja 1000, after ten years of helping Bob Hynes during numerous Baja off-road races. Bob was the founder of the Baja races radio relay services. Baja Safari also opened the first Baja offroad resort, Cabo Safari Resort, dedicated to the offroad lifestyle. The ranch has hosted many racing and teams and off road clubs to become the "Home of Off-Road".

In 2007, we sponsored seven off-road teams in various classes and events including the Baja Champion Class 11 Baja Safari Team, during the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000 event to Cabo San Lucas . We also proudly promoted Operation Desert Fun 5, a desert adventure to benefit the Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans Association and Cal 4 Wheel. Baja Safari had a record setting travel year after our shift to southern Baja California, promotions with Volaris Airlines, Hotel California in Todos Santos and many off-road related manufacturers. No other Baja company supported the off road community like Baja Safari.

We celebrated the 40th Baja 1000 in Los Cabos with friends and family to finish out the year!

In 2008, Cabo Safari Resort and our Los Cabos operations sustained the 2007 gains and secured the customer base originally started with our exclusive work with the Five Star, Five Diamond, Latin America Resorts of the Year, while we developed our regional ecotours. The Hotel Cabo San Lucas and Hacienda Beach Resort tour hospitality groups transferred their last customers to our operations.

That year, Mike Overcast and his team enjoyed the sponsorship of the 100 Year Celebration of General Motors, among others, with unique tours and service offerings for their truck dealerships throughout North America.

In 2015, Mike & Company is celebrating 107 Years of Desert Off-Road Racing, with the originator of that racing sanction, the Maricopa Auto Club of Arizona. Our club is the International Promoter of "The Desert Classic" and the 1915-2015 Centennial celebration of the San Diego Exposition at "Balboa Park".

Through the teams extensive professional experience, the Baja Safari Mexico Club has been a pioneer in developing quality services for their Membership and the traveling community in general.

An example of real-time Baja travel information, only available from our Club, is our "Baja Weather Service" service. The only weather services recognized by the United States National Weather Service, based soley on Baja California, Mexico. During Hurricane season, sometimes we are the only organization that has 'a handle' on storm conditions in Baja.

Our "SPEED Mex" division provides racing and specialized services for the 'extra special needy' desert off-road racing community. The San Felipe Baja 250, Baja 500, Baja 1000, CABO 500 and CABO 1000 are all covered for international travel choices. In 2006, the only 'on-the-dirt', 'prerunner insurance coverage' was first offered through The "Baja Racers Edge".

The Baja Safari Mexico Club announced in January 2006, the Club, which was the first to go online and provide many unique cross-border services online, and Mexican insurance for Baja travelers, will provide access to the very first Mexican insurance policy that comprehensively covers Baja Mexico offroad racers. Here is the original announcement:

""Baja Safari will provide exclusive direct access, online, to Mexican insurance that covers prerunners, chase vehicles and other race team vehicles, in the dirt, in Mexico during race related activities. The "Baja Racers Edge" services, will be the very first offered. Currently, prerunners, chase vehicles an other race related vehicles, in the dirt are not covered in standard Mexican insurance plans.

The coverages will be exclusively offered by Mexicos largest insurance company, via access through the Baja Safari Mexico Club website, online and available 7-24.

Additional services are also offered now for Baja Mexico offroad racers. Through the clubs "Baja Racers Edge" service offerings, logistic, cross-border forwarding and Mexican Immigration Traveler services are currently available.

"If you race in Baja Mexico, whether with CODE, SCORE or any offroad race, you'll wonder why these services weren't offered years ago!", said Janice Gilmore, Customer Services Manager, this week.

"Baja Racers Edge" services are exclusively available through Baja Safari.""

Since 2009, our club continues to deliver specialized services to numerous publics, who require exceptional experiences in Mexico. We are also bringing these rare experiences ONLINE with BAJA LIVE! available at BajaSafari.com

We have delivered Baja experiences to hundreds of thousands of Baja fanatics and newbies. Stay tuned, we have some very exciting advancements scheduled this year! The Baja Safari Mexico Club continues to stand up for Americans seeking unique travel experiences and find value in celebrating life!

On the United States side of the border, at various times, Mike retained field offices at Jacumba Hot Springs, City of San Diego Airport - Brown Field and Downtown, San Diego, California.  For many years, Mike has served The County of San Diego Supervisor Dianne Jacob, as a Member of the East County San Diego Trails Committee.

Today, Baja Safari is quartered in South County San Diego, in Bonita. Mike is a major stakeholder in Bonita, California as a horseman and member of the San Diego Corral of The Westerners.

Here is what some people have said about
the staff of Baja Safari.
"Cabo Safari showed us a great time during the Baja 1000 for the 40th running of the race and exceptional service capabilities for the CABO 500."
Jack Cummings, Market Manager, GOODYEAR TIRES RACING

"Mike, you showed me the real 'Wild side' of Cabo and Baja. I have been all over the world and you shared true treasures I would have never discovered myself."
Brooke Burke, "Wild On, E! Entertainment Television

"The Sheriff Department of the County of San Diego commend Mike Overcast in providing innovative resource assistance."
Sheriff Jim Roache, County of San Diego

"Dear Mike of Baja Safari, What a lovely low key travel trip our snorkeling safari turned out to be. You organized well, the company was neat, the weather perfect, the fish cooperative and the stark scenery unequaled. Even the shelling was good (not that we need any more shells we have been to the South Seas and the Red Sea). We even liked the bumpy roads and the sometimes dimming lights, since that added to the safari adventure, reminding us that we were not on Main Street, USA. Thank you again."
Elibet Marshall, Baja Safari Member and Tour participant

"Dear Mike, your staffs knowledge of the Wine Country of Mexico is unique. I never thought a coach tour of Mexico could be so enjoyable".
Mary Gimble, University Club of San Diego

"To Baja Safari, thank you so much for your fine services! I dont know what my family would have done without you!
Samuel Knox, Baja Safari Member